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CalRamic-HV Leaded Disc Capacitors

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Partnering With Our Clients for Combined Success

Shortest Industry Lead Times

Variety of C-V Values & Sizes

Available in 200+ Countries

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our Ceramic Capacitors

Capacitors for Your Applications

We Have A Capacitor For Your Applications

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Who Is CalRamic Technologies

CalRamic Technologies LLC, is a U.S.-based High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience.  Our team focuses on producing exceptional quality capacitors by using superior quality materials with a highly trained team.

Why Choose CalRamic

Lean Manufacturing

Offering you the shortest lead times in the industry with in-stock same day shipping.


Producing exceptional quality capacitors by using superior quality materials.

Highly Trained Team

30+ years Materials Engineering Expertise plus knowledgeable sales & manufacturing teams.

Custom Capacitor Designs & Variations

Rapid prototype turnaround deliveries with multiple design derivations for your custom application

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CalRamic FAQ

  • What are stock and availability for specific ceramic capacitors?
    CalRamic has a variety of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor inventory that are in-stock and can ship same-day upon receipt of your order. If you are looking for prototype quantities, or initial LRIP quantities, contact us for part specific availability. We can sometimes ship the same day ARO.
  • What are CalRamic's standard lead times?
    Lead-times range from 10-14 weeks for Leaded/Coated Discs and Leaded/Coated Multilayer Capacitors, respectively. Space Level Capacitors and Additional Screening options can slightly increase lead-times. We pride ourselves for 100% On-Time Delivery and a proven track record.
  • Does CalRamic Technologies have minimum order quantities?
    CalRamic has no minimum quantity requirements. CalRamic manufactures single capacitor quantities to thousands depending on our client's application.
  • Does CalRamic Technologies have ceramic capacitor customization capabilities?
    Custom designs and catalog product modifications are 40% of what we manufacture to help our clients in their specific High Voltage requirements. Sometimes this can be done at no additional cost to the client.
  • Does CalRamic ever discontinue manufacturing any of their ceramic capacitors?
    No, CalRamic Technologies does not obsolete products that have been designed for a client. It is our objective to maintain our ceramic capacitor product mix and supply for our clients without discontinuation.
  • What are the screening options available?
    CalRamic has the ability to screen in accordance with MIL-PRF-49467 as a basis for High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors. This includes full Group A screening and Partial Discharge Screening. If additional screening is needed, Group B Screening is an option with up to 4000HRS of fully rated life testing. In addition, Ultrasonic C-SAM Screening is an option if needed. Many other client screening specifications can be incorporated into our products. For additional information please contact one of CalRamic’ s Technical Team internally for pricing and lead-times.
  • Does CalRamic have expedited productions options?
    Yes, CalRamic has the ability, in most cases, to “FAST TRACK” orders when required, and sometimes lead times can be lowered to as little as 2-3 weeks ARO. This is offered at an additional cost and one of CalRamic’ s team members can assist with setting up your expedited order.
  • Does CalRamic have a capacitor technical brochure database?
    CalRamic has an extensive Library database of application notes encompassing all aspects of high voltage ceramic capacitors. In this database you can find detailed information around Soldering Multi-Layer Capacitors AN101, Wave Soldering Multi-Layer Capacitors AN102, Soldering Rework Methods AN108 and Soldering Methods for SMPS style capacitors AN116. All these application notes and many more can be found on our Application Notes page and if more information is needed don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical team members.
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