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Our Mission Is Success

We Are CalRamic Technologies LLC

Our Core Values


A Triad of Material Science: Ceramic, Precious Metals  & Polymer Chemistry

High Reliability

Using the highest quality materials, best processes & focus on attention to detail

Team Mission

A highly trained unified team focused on our clients' application success

Who Is CalRamic Technologies

CalRamic Technologies LLC, is a U.S.-based High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience.  Our team focuses on producing exceptional quality capacitors by using superior quality materials with a highly trained team.


CalRamic produces a variety of components in a multitude of configurations ranging from 500VDC to 80KVDC. Our Lean Manufacturing principles provide shorter lead times, rapid prototype turnaround deliveries, multiple design derivations for your custom application, and a variety of dielectric types depending on your specific application.
Our quality control system conforms to and exceeds ISO 9001-2015 requirements.  We manufacture capacitors suitable for a wide range of applications like: Geothermal, Commercial/Industrial, Medical, Commercial Aerospace, Ground Based Military, Military Aerospace and even Hi-Reliability Space Satellite Systems.  Our manufacturing design guidelines, material choices, and precision controls result in performance-based High Voltage Capacitors for your specific application.  
The CalRamic Technologies Leadership has created a culture that encourages personal growth and success for each team member, while building a We Succeed as a Team environment.  In addition, we look for opportunities to support our local community through non-profit involvement and CalRamic Team events throughout the year.
We are committed to the best approaches and practices that limit environmental impact, and an extensive safety and awareness training program that limits hazardous exposures to our Team Members.  
CalRamic Technologies LLC is fully committed to our clients’ success.  On our website we offer a full ceramic capacitor educational library with Application Notes and Product Training Modules that help our clients understand the technical nature of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors.

We are fully committed to your application’s success.

CalRamic's Commitment to the Northern Nevada Community

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CalRamic Technologies LLC is partnered with Voltage Multipliers Inc., a US based manufacturing company specializing in design and production of high voltage diodes, multipliers and power supplies for a wide variety of applications and industries.

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