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High Voltage Multi-Layer Chip Capacitors CRT-0021

High Reliability Space Level NPO & X7R - 500 Vdc to 10 kVdc

High Voltage Multi-Layer Chip Capacitors CRT-0021

Intended for continuous operation at full rated voltage and across the entire operating temperature range, these capacitors utilize a special internal design specifically intended to reduce electric field stresses, thereby providing a device that exhibits very low ESR characteristics and no reduction in insulation resistance with life.

Available with ultra stable Class I, NPO and stable Class II, X7R dielectric materials, these capacitors are ideally suited for timing/ precision circuitry, energy storage, DC blocking, snubbers, transient suppression, decoupling, resonators and EMI filtering applications.

Dielectric Types: NPO (COG), X7R [BR]
Voltage Range: 500Vdc to 10 kVdc

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