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High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors CRT-0009

High Reliability Space Level NPO & X7R - 500 Vdc to 10kVdc

High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors CRT-0009

Intended for continuous operation at full rated voltage and across the entire operating temperature range, these capacitors utilize a special internal design specifically intended to reduce electric field stresses, thereby providing a device that exhibits very low ESR characteristics and no reduction in insulation resistance with life.

Available with ultra stable Class I, NPO and stable Class II, X7R / BR dielectric materials, these capacitors are ideally suited for timing/ precision circuitry, energy storage, DC blocking, snubbers, transient suppression, decoupling, resonators and EM! filtering applications.

Dielectric Type: NPO (COG), X7R [BR]
Voltage Range: 500 Vdc to 10 kVdc

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