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High Voltage Single Layer Bare Disc Capacitors CRT-0002

Military & Commercial Level Class 1 Negative TC Low Loss – 3 kVdc to 20 kVdc

High Voltage Single Layer Bare Disc Capacitors CRT-0002

CalRamic Technologies LLC manufactures a series of highly reliable, single layer, bare disc, negative temperature compensating, ceramic disc capacitors that deliver both very stable and predictable performance characteristics typically associated with low loss dielectrics.

These capacitors, which draw on thirty plus years of proven design and process experience, are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and utilize a double action press to minimize gradients within the dielectric powder, producing a finished capacitor with a uniform fired ceramic density and unparalleled performance in high voltage applications. Leaded construction limits the risk for damage due to exposure to mechanical and thermal stress.

Essential where low losses and tight capacitance tolerances are critical, these capacitors are ideally suited as snubbers for switching power supplies, coupling and decoupling capacitors, inverter circuitry, lighting ballasts, and other high voltage pulse applications.

Dielectric Type: CR01, CR03, CR17, CR22
Voltage Range: 3 kVdc to 20 kVdc

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